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AfterCare at Rising Leaders


Rising Leaders is now offering an AfterCare program. The students will be able to remain on campus in a safe and nurturing environment, after school, on a daily basis.


AfterCare will begin on August 17th at the end of the school day. Parents may pick up their child any time after school until 5:45 pm. The cost is $45.00 for 3, 4 or 5 days of the week. $40.00 for 2 days and $25.00 for 1 day or drop in. The cost for two or more children from the same family and household is reduced by $10.00 each for the second, third child, etc.. All payments must be rendered in advance. We need to pay staff and know how many students to prepare for on a daily basis. The school cannot allow or afford anyone to be delinquent on payment. This is a hard and fast part of the program. Also, all students must be picked up no later than 5:45 p.m. or the student may be exited from the program. AfterCare is a privilege and all students will be expected to follow all rules for behavior.


A calendar of all dates the program will operate will be made available soon on the website. Parents may sign up in the office or through email to Mynde Kelly  Only those listed on the official pickup list may pick a child out of AfterCare. All persons must present a valid drivers license and staff will match the identification against the pickup list. No exceptions. Your child’s safety is more important than any perceived inconvenience.


Students will be required to complete homework first before any other activity. Our staff will verify completion. This is a time parents can arrange tutors to come and work with their children at the school site. After homework is verified students will be provided a snack and drink. AfterCare will provide board games, computers, reading material, art material and playground time. Special After school programs are a separate part of what Rising Leaders will provide throughout the year. Lego Club, Art courses, Chess club, etc. are an additional cost and will be scheduled throughout the year.


Sign up now. We need a minimum number of participants to make this opportunity work for our Rising Leaders clientele. We hope you enjoy this program.