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Helpful Websites for Parents

Bay District Schools

Parent Portal

Rising Leaders Academy Facebook Page

MobyMax –

All RLA students and graduates have access to MobyMax.

Pearson Curriculum (K – 5)

Pearson has the Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies e-books and videos for grades K – 5.

Pearson SuccessNet for Language Arts, Math, Science

SuccessNetPlus for Social Studies

CodeStart (6 – 8)

Glencoe Curriculum (5 – 8)

Glencoe has the Spanish curriculum for grades 5 – 8.  It also includes the math and social studies for grades 6 – 8.

SumDog (K – 8)

Helps students with math drills while having fun.

SumDog Math

Khan Academy (K – 8)

Great website for all grade levels to learn mathematics.  There are other subjects to learn, like programming.

Khan Academy


FCAT Explorer

Typing Web

Kids Typing Skills

Typing Test

Typing Speed Test

50 Science Websites


NASA Space Place

Wydea: Science and Technology

Student Interactives (Grades 3 – 6)

Computer Literacy Lessons (Grades K – 6)

Learning Games for Kids

Literacy, Math, Science Zone

Scholastic Computer Lab Favorites

Scholastics and Maggie’s Earth Adventure

Academics Games (Grades K – 6)

Over 100 Games Built by Teacher (Grades K – 6)

Tux Paint

Drawing for Children

e-Learning for Kids

Sheppard Software (K – 8)

Another great free website available for all grades and has many educational games.

Starfall (K – 2)

Starfall started as a great Reading website for students, but added more subjected like mathematics.

Road to Reading (K-1)

Helps students with letters, sounds, and blends.

National Geographic Kids (K – 8)

Very educational site that focuses on science and social studies.

Science NetLinks (K – 8)

Find Science lessons and tools.