rising leaders academy


Rising Leaders Academy teaches students about Entrepreneurship by transforming the school into a miniature society run by the students themselves and tied to state standards and all curriculum areas. It has all the components that one would find in any adult society, including the economic system with its own currency, banks, and businesses. Students earn money through work and use their money to buy goods and services provided by other students. As students assume more responsibility, teachers become facilitators and consultants. There are also roles for parents and community partners. It aims to nurture higher order thinking skills, in large part by making learning intensely relevant and reflective of “real world” experience.  The activities are designed by our staff with support from community organizations like Gulf Coast College’s Business Innovation Center.

RLA is not affiliated with any MicroSociety(R) trademark.  We develop our own programs to provide our students with real-world learning.  Our parents, families, and community play a big role in our entrepreneurship programs and support our students and staff.

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