Project-based Learning

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Project-based Learning

Project-based learning sharpens 21st century skills that students need to be successful in today’s world.  They are framed around the 4C’s, which are very important at RLA:

– Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

– Communication

– Collaboration

– Creativity & Innovation

We partnered with Expeditionary Learning (EL) during the first school year. Expeditionary Learning is one of the Nation’s most innovative and successful school design instructional models. Through EL’s design principles and practices, EL school designers helped teachers implement real life, project-based learning expeditions that promote literacy and integrate curricular content. The Expeditionary Learning model helps deliver on our guiding principle of building communication skills, student character and community/environmental responsibility. Teachers structure learning around real problems, encouraging students to learn in settings outside the classroom and the school building.

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