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Rising Leaders Academy offers students the most advanced and innovative curriculum in the nation.

At Rising Leaders Academy, students will achieve academic excellence through a developmentally rigorous, innovative, challenging, college preparatory curriculum in a warm, nurturing environment. RLA meets the needs of every student and encourages lifelong learning, with a focus on strong leadership skills. RLA will prepare students to have a sincere responsibility to give back to the community.


Students will be involved in all aspects of the curriculum during project time (e.g., reading, researching, computing, solving problems, designing, drawing, writing, collaborating with peers, volunteers, mentors and teachers). Every classroom has computers and connections to the Internet available to help students naturally involve technology in their overall education and their daily schoolwork. Most projects will be accomplished through small, cooperative groups, and personal learning styles will be taken into account.


 Project-Based Learning

Project-based learning sharpens 21st century skills that students need to be successful in today’s world.  They are framed around the 4C’s, which are very important at RLA:
– Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

– Communication

– Collaboration

– Creativity & Innovation

We partnered with Expeditionary Learning (EL) during the first school year. Expeditionary Learning is one of the Nation’s most innovative and successful school design instructional models. Through EL’s design principles and practices, EL school designers helped teachers implement real life, project-based learning expeditions that promote literacy and integrate curricular content. The Expeditionary Learning model helps deliver on our guiding principle of building communication skills, student character and community/environmental responsibility. Teachers structure learning around real problems, encouraging students to learn in settings outside the classroom and the school building. Students also collaborate to learn together and teach others.

2017 Expeditions

Healthy Recipes by RLA Middle School

2016 Expeditions

2015 Expeditions

2014 Expeditions

2013 Expeditions

The learning pyramid


In addition, our curriculum also includes an emphasis on STEM.  Rising Leaders Academy focuses heavily on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. STEM education seeks to create 21st century learning skills for students. STEM is a national initiative at the high school level, trickling down to only a handful of elementary and middle schools. RLA’s unique implementation is called Expeditionary STEM Education, where we use Expeditionary Learning, as well as STEM curriculum based learning.

Rising Leaders Academy provides rigorous, authentic integrated instruction in science, technology, engineering, and math in order to build student understanding and competence in these areas and prepare students for advanced studies in STEM. Students will be exposed to current technology and engaged in the curriculum through appropriate applications of technology. They will meet and exceed state standards in all areas by applying these concepts.


RLA Elementary School Rigorous Program

Elementary School Language Arts (K – 5) Program

RLA uses Pearson’s Reading Street Common Core. Every lesson focuses on Common Core State Standards, moving children toward higher-order thinking and college and career readiness. Reading Street Common Core is more personalized, more interactive, and more responsive. It’s the first English language arts program to offer 100% compliance with the Common Core in print and digital formats. Reading Street Common Core is built for performance and manageability. Weekly target skills and strategies perfectly align to the new grade-level standards.

Other than the text and workbooks, each student has access to the interactive digital resources that include: Main Selection eText; Paires Seection eText; Decodable Books (K-3); Interactive Sound-Spelling Cards (1-3); Tested Vocabulary Activities (1-6); Online Journal (K-6); Story Sort (K-6); ELLeReaders (1-6); ELD eReaders (1-6); Leveled eReaders (K-6); Leveled Readers Database (K-6); Grammar Jammer (1-6); New Literacies Activities (1-6); Big Question Videos; Concept Talk Videos (K-6); Amazing Words Sing with Me Animations (K2); Envision It! Animations (K-6) Online Games and Activities (K-6).

Elementary School Mathematics (K – 5) Program

RLA uses Pearson’s enVisionMathCommonCore. The enVisionMATH program reviewed by the What Works Clearinghouse is currently the #1 math curriculum in U.S. schools, with more than six million students learning elementary mathematics with the program. enVisionMATH is designed for students in grades K–6 and seeks to help students develop an understanding of math concepts through problem-based instruction, small-group interaction, and visual learning with a focus on reasoning and modeling. The U.S. Department of Education’s What Works Clearinghouse has issued a report validating research that Pearson’s enVisionMATH elementary school curriculum increases student achievement above and beyond other K-6 math programs. Each student has access to interactive digital resources that include the eText and videos.

Elementary School Science Program (K – 5)

RLA uses Pearson’s Interactive Science. It includes interactive technology and real-world case studies. Pearson Science helps teachers spark students’ natural interest in science and create life-long critical thinkers. We provide powerful standards-based instructional solutions, STEM activities, and professional development to help you improve student learning. Each student also has access to interactive digital resources that include the eText and videos.

Elementary School Social Studies Program (K – 5)

RLA uses Pearsn’s myWorld Social Studies which utilizes storytelling to bring Social Studies content to life. myWorld Social Studies, connects Social Studies content and literacy instruction with materials that are streamlined, flexible and attuned to today’s classroom. Our innovative digital instruction is seamlessly integrated, providing a blended program that is engaging, effective and easy to use. Pearson’s myWorld Social Studies provides innovative and engaging materials that allow us to teach the way your students learn – print, digital, and active.


 RLA Middle School Advanced & Accelerated Program




Middle School Mathematics Program:

  • 6th Grade: Pre-Algebra
  • 7th Grade: Pre-Algebra or Algebra I Honors
  • 8th Grade: Algebra 1 Honors or Geometry Honors

Middle School Language Arts Program:

Our middle school students will use the new Pearson MyPerspectives.  Students will also take a high school level Creative Writing class in Middle School.

Middle School Science Program:

RLA focuses heavily on hands-on experiments. The students will have 2 wonderful teachers, which includes a scientist to help the students apply the science to real world.

Middle School Social Studies Program:

RLA uses Expeditionary Learning to bring the social studies to life, in which students take journeys of learning to understand the topics in depth.

Middle School Health Program:

Students in grades 5th grade to 8th will take a health education class focused on making them healthier physically, socially, and emotionally.


High School Program

RLA has an advanced high school program with grades 9 – 12. RLA offers Honors, AP, and dual classes for high school students.


Rising Leaders

At RLA, we believe one of the most critical skills in the global marketplace of the 21st century is the ability to tackle problems in a small-group setting, and we are strongly committed to developing students who will be able to work effectively and productively in teams and Rise to be Leaders.


1. Spelling Bee
2. Reach for the Stars
3. Bay District Science Fair
4. Bay District History Fair
5. Florida State Science Fair
6. Florida State History Fair
7. Creative Entrepreneurship Market Places
8. FirstInMath
9. SumDog Math
10. Odyssey of the Mind
11. National Charter School Video Contest (RLA among Top 10 Finalist)


1. Spelling Bee
2. Vocabulary Competition
3. Reach for the Stars
4. Grammar Competition
5. Sight Words Competition
6. Creative Writing Competition
7. National Essay Competition
8. Science Fair
9. History Fair
10. National Poetry Contest
11. Tropicana Speech Contest


1. Spelling Bee
2. FirstinMath
3. Reach for the Stars
4. Respect Essay Contest
5. Bay County Math Contest
6. Black History Month State Contest
7. National Academy of Engineering Contest
8. 6th Grade Stock Market Competition
9. Bay County Retired Educators Fifth Grade Essay Contest
10. Science Fair
11. History Fair
12. National Poetry Contest
13. Science Olympiad
14. 4th & 5th Grade Tropicana Speech Contest
15. Orchestra Instrument Names Contest
16. Inventor’s Club


Inventors Club


1. Spelling Bee
2. Science Jeopardy
3. Reach for the Stars: Principal of the Day
4. Community Service Essay Contest
5. Bay County Math Contest
6. The Golden Rule: Respect Essay Contest
7. 4th Grade District Spelling Bee
8. 5th Grade Stock Market Competition
9. Civil Rights & Martin Luther King Essay Competition
10. Doodle 4 Google Contest
11. Lego League Competition
12. WWII National Essay Contest

13. National Math Contest

14. 4th & 5th Grade Tropicana Speech Contest



1. Spelling Bee
2. Math Bee
3. U.S. Capitals Competition
4. World Capitals Competition
5. Bay County Math Contest
6. National Math Contest
7. I Have a Dream Essay Contest
8. 4th Grade Stock Market Competition
9. 4th Grade Tropicana Speech Contest
10. 4th Grade Panhandle Fair Essay Contest
11. 4th Grade Poetry Contest


Character Education

The character education traits that shall be integrated into the curriculum are honesty, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship.  The School will place a strong emphasis on these values.


 Rising Leaders Academy is also a STRIVE 65 school.

STRIVE stands for:

S- Schools/students

T- Taking

R- Responsibility for

I- Important

V- Values of

E- Excellence


STRIVE comprises 14 character traits and 65 specific behaviors as indicated below.


Civic Education

Civic Education is vital to be a Rising Leader.  Therefore, Rising Leaders Academy incorporate Civic Education, in addition to the Character and Leadership Education we already provide.  We love to engage our students and encourage them to be a vital part of society.


 3rd Grade Fall 2014 Newsletter:  Government Newsletter

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